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Los principales productos de ZOZEN incluyen calderas industriales, calderas CFB, calderas de calor residual, recipientes a presión y otras cinco series de calderas, cuentan con más de 400 normas diferentes, clasificadas principalmente en:

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Steam and Gas Turbines from Siemens Energy Sector. Steam Turbine SST-060 (up to 6 MW) Supplier's Site. Part Saved . You have successfully added from to your part list. Save Part . Part Name / #: Product Type: Description: The SST-060 stand out by rugged design and renowned reliability even under the most severe operating conditions. They are

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Siemens industrial steam turbines. 5 up to 200 MW. Siemens pre-designed steam turbines. 45 kW up to 10 MW. Siemens utility . steam turbines. 3. 200 up to 1900 MW. 3. 3. Page 8 28. January 2010 Energy / Pre-designed Steam Turbines (SST-060) + Turbo Gen Sets (SST-060, SST-110, SST-120) Page 25 28. January 2010 Energy / Pre-designed Steam Turbines

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Siemens Steam Turbines of the SST-6000 series are widely operated in coal-fired steam power plants with a power output up to 1,200 MW and an efficiency up to more than 46 percent. Products of the SST-6000 series consist of a high-pressure turbine, an intermediate-pressure (IP) turbine, and up to three low-pressure turbines for 50 and 60 Hz.

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The SST-040 is a single-stage impulse turbine. The inlet steam flow is directed onto the turbine rotor blades, where mechanical power is generated when the steam flow direction changes. The resulting impulse spins the rotor, and the power is transferred from the turbine via the gear to the generator. The SST-040 steam turbine is delivered as a

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SST-040 steam . Turbine [200 kW] Expansion . at 1 bar(a) Plate . Condenser. Producing . Hot Water at 90 °C Absorption . Chiller. Exchangers . Absorption chiller . producing chilled water [7 °C – 220 kW] Heating network. Brussels Greentech E O IP . Siemens SST-040

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The Siemens SST-200 industrial steam turbine product line is based on the reaction blade technology. The turbine series follows a modular product philosophy, ensuring a high level of performance and reliability. The ability to combine standardized casing modules enable optimal design flexibility.

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Siemens Energy expands its product portfolio with the new, innovative 274 MW gas turbine SGT6-8000H, featuring advanced H-class efficiency. The newly developed predesigned steam turbine SST-040 is a generator drive specially designed for the 75-300 kW power range. This favorably priced turbine features a simple, extremely compact design

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Aug 10, 2016· This marks the first time that Siemens is supplying an SST-040 with an output higher than 300 kW. The unit is based on the technology of the existing SST-040 turbine, but expanded due to growing customer demand for turbines with outputs over 300 kW. This technical advancement enables the SST-040 to now achieve electrical generating capacities

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Siemens: Siemens is an innovative leader in low-voltage power distribution, offering comprehensive power distribution and circuit protection as well as power management solutions that help businesses manage the cost and availability of energy.

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SST-040 (eski ismi: AFA 3,5) 300kW’a kadar SST-040 tek kademeli bir eşit basınçlı türbindir. Fiyat bakımından cazip olan türbin, 75-300 kW güç aralığı için kullanıma uygun türbin generatör grubudur. Atık ısı kazanım tesislerinde, güneş enerjisi santrallerinde ve kojenerasyon uygulamalarında (örn. gaz motor-